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Obsure plot in Kantos

Korte samenvatting (uit een herinnering) van het obscure Plot in Kantos:

Usherette en ik, Vibrant Silence, kwamen in het onderwereld-equivalent van de stad Kantos aan. Daarbij moet van mijn kant vermeld worden dat er toch een hoop op me af is gekomen, nu ik de ‘duistere’ zijde van het leven leer ontdekken door de leidende hand van wie ik dacht dat ‘gewoon’ Grass and Mayflies was. Dat bleek dus heel wat anders te zitten en al snel volgde ik haar in haar streven één of ander obscuur plot aan het licht te brengen. Het had te maken met de necromantische zoon van de wijlen koning van Kantos. Deze zoon was naar Usherettes mening verwikkelt in duistere zaken die ook wel eens hun oorsprong in de onderwereld zouden kunnen hebben. Na wat rondvraag gedaan te hebben in de onderwereldstad ‚City of Obscured Marble’ (vernoemd naar de koningin van deze stad, die redelijk recent aan de macht is gekomen, maar wel met ijzeren hand over het volk regeert, dat dit ook niet zo erg lijkt te vinden, want ze kunnen zich niet eens meer de naam van de vorige koning herinneren, wat erg vreemd is) kwamen we achter de naam van een zogezegd summoning victim, Leopold, die werkzaam was in het paleis van Obscured Marble. Na er achter te zijn gekomen dat bij het equivalent van de feline shrine in Kantos bloedige kinderoffers werden uitgevoerd (Leopold was hier ook bij aanwezig) haasten we ons weer terug naar boven om ons als ‚normale’ medewerkers van het paleis te gedragen en een afspraak met Leopold te maken (we waren daarvoor al , wonder boven wonder, uiterst succesvol het paleis binnengeslopen).
Na Leopold kort daarna aan een streng kruisverhoor te hebben onderworpen vertelde hij ons delen van het obscure plot: De mensen die geofferd werden waren zijn eigen familieleden. Hij werd naar de bovenwereld gesummond om hen aan te wijzen, waarna ze geofferd werden. Zo schijnt het ook met andere gesummonden te gaan. Ook worden er dus schijnbaar kinderen vanuit de bovenwereld naar beneden genomen om daar geofferd te worden (het zijn dus géén dode kinderzielen). Het werd ons duidelijk dat dit verband had met het oppakken van zogenaamde ‚lastige’ zwerfkinderen in Kantos door de autoriteiten.
Schijnbaar was de necromantische zoon ook betoverd geraakt door de bedrieglijke schoonheid van de onderwereld-koningin, Obscured Marble, en zij hadden samen een pact gesloten, waarin zij hem aan macht zou helpen en hij voor meer offers zou zorgen. Het leek er naar Usherettes mening echter meer op dat de necromantische zoon, ik ben zijn naam even vergeten, een soort van marionette was in de handen van de koningin. Na Leopold in doodsangst achter te hebben gelaten in zijn studeerkamer bedachten we ons wat we nu verder zouden gaan doen, nu we achter deze informatie waren gekomen...

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Setting Background

*This post is under development and incomplete, I will post more as we go along*

The Kantos region is a prosperous area for those lucky enough to benefit from it's riches, ages ago between the usurpation and the great contagion it was a wondrous place rife with thriving cities and powerful magics. Then the contagion came and the the Fair Folk left the edges of reality to leave their mark on creation. The Kantos region was utterly destroyed not just by disease, and the fair folk but also by a mystical force, a maelstrom of destructive essence whose origins have been lost to the ages. Now only remnants of the first age are left, but on these remnants a new society has been built.

The City of Kantos and its environs are led by an outcaste of the terrestial Exalted. A would be Philosopher King, Jace (he with the Gnarled hands as the loyal part of his subjcts affectionately calls him), he ruled justly for several mortal lifetimes. Now Jace is old and he leaves most of the management of the city to his two sons who are embroiled in a web of intrigue to gain control over the region.

Experience Tally

This post is the running xp-tally, it will be updated after each session. *My html-fu isn't very strong so I have no idea why there is such a large white space between the text and the html-table*

Session #15
Session #24
Session #15
Session #24
Session #15
Session #24

Diary Vibrant Silence, Darkened Sky

The first entry of Rick's diary can be found here.

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Introducing.. Vibrant Silence, Darkened Sky

Vibrant Silence, Darkened Sky is a thin, but very tall young man in his mid twenties. He stands a towering 6 foot 9 tall, which makes his posture somewhat out of proportion and seemingly easy to notice. However, his dark brown, even near black skin tone makes him less recognisable in the darker hours of day. His eyes are also near black in colour, always staring in a mind-piercing gaze. Vibrant Silence’s facial features closest resemble those of a hawk on the hunt for prey, with a sharp nose and a pointy chin. He is entirely bald, but the lack of hair on his head is compensated by a full black reddish beard, always worn in two long plaits. Vibrant Silence hardly ever laughs near strangers, his lips instead forming a frown or a nasty grin, but when in company of friends he can burst out in a sudden exploding laugh.

Vibrant Silence is normally dressed in thin and wide linen clothes, but one will not see those clothes very often, because he almost always weares a brilliant orichalcum breastplate over them. As a result, this ‘knight in shining armour’ can not be easily overlooked, but when he does not want to be seen, Vibrant Silence can cover his armour with a large black mantle and pomp is then easily discarded for stealth. On his back, Vibrant Silence carries his orichalcum short powerbow, ‘Piercing Star’, which can also be carried hidden under his mantle when inconvenient or in times of secrecy. His quiver hangs on his left side.

At first, when expending little anima, faint, ghostly white tatters of fog float away from his legs and feet, as if Vibrant Silence is standing in a patch of fog. When spending more essence, the fog grows more dense and intensifies in light, although some of the tatters turn into dark purple vertical spirals. The fog then spreads around his entire body and at last, when looked at from above, the fog has turned into a vibrant empty column in shades of white and purple bursting out into the sky, with Vibrant Silence standing in the empty centre of the circle as in the eye of a storm.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Exalted Maps

A site with very useful Exalted Maps.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Introducing.. Paper Scarf Poet

Paper Scarf Poet is a thin, somewhat short man in his late twenties. His clear grey eyes are set in a slightly tanned face framed by long black hair which he keeps behind his shoulders, occasianally in a single braid. Friends and foes alike have learned the value of his sparkling laugh, charming smile, and his spotless, ever-friendly manners. He also carries a common bamboo hat around his neck, although it rarely rests on his head.

Usually, Paper dresses in fine garments (Japanese style, such as a hakama) in white, sandy, and deep blue colours. These clothes usually hang comfortably loose around the arms and legs. When travelling, he often carries various scrollcases containing treaties, notes, problems, adresses, and other information to be used at some appropriate time. He also keeps his pair of fans close at hand when the social situation does not deem them inappropriate. When travelling in colder or potentailly dangerous areas, Paper wears a knee-length leather jacket of bark-brown hues, complemented with a thick silk scarf.

When expending anima, drops of escaping essence appear all over his body, though mainly his hands and arms. These drops fall or flow down toward the floor, where they merge into a giant eclipse-like corona around his feet. This halo remains semi-horizontal, whether Paper is actually standing on a flat surface or not. As more essence is spent, the halo grows and the light intensifies to a near-blinding strength.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Introducing.. The Usherette of Mausoleums

Tijd om deze blog maar eens te vullen.. Een beschrijving van het uiterlijk van mijn gastje.
The Usherette of Mausoleums is an ebon-skinned woman that looks about 20 years old. She is slim and short, standing slightly over 5 foot tall. She has a pretty face, with flawless skin, large dark brown eyes and shiny black hair (which she usually keeps in a knot at the neck). However, her constant frown seems to project a disdain for everything and everyone and her thin lips seem only able to smile at the hurt of others. In any case, she usually hides her face in a cowl or hood or even wears a featureless ivory mask. (a smooth, white oval with unnerving vertical slits in place of eyeholes)
The Usherette usually dresses in used funerary linens. She normally wears only short knee-length silk breeches, and wraps the rest of her body tightly with the stained, brown bandages of dead men. To counter the slightly putrid smell that remained even after washing the linens countless times, she applies a perfume based on the incense used in embalming practices. She always wears a brown or black hooded mantle over her bandages when going out, and has recently acquired a nice soulsteel breastplate. She wears her short black sabre, Solitude, on the small of her back, hilt on her right side.
The Usherette of Mausoleums’ anima banner is usually the shape of a gray moon. At higher levels of expenditure, subtle details become visible: It is a cold, dead stone hurtling aimlessly through a universe too empty to care. Chill winds flow from it, and stars twinkle evilly about it, as if possessed of a dark and forbidden knowledge. Unseen, mindless forces move blindly around on it, destroying as they go about, guided by the monstrous thoughts of the sleeping Malfeans. The Usherette’s own Caste mark becomes a portal through which an enormous, dead thing looks into the souls of anyone foolish enough to look at it.